Xtreamer : nouveau firmware 2.0 en Beta !!

Xtreamer : nouveau firmware 2.0 en Beta !!

Nous venons à peine de publier notre test du Xtreamer qu’une évolution majeure de firmware arrive dans notre machine (lire notre test : Le Xtreamer en test : la HD en réseau dans tous les foyers.)

Il s’agit de la version 2 encore en Beta cependant.

En voici la description complète en Anglais.

Nous sommes en train de l’installer et vous tiendrons informé des principales évolutions rapidement. L’innovation majeure porte sur le support des RIP Blu-RAY et la compatibilité avec les pistes audio HD.

Xtreamer 2.0.0beta2 (from

New features :

  1. BD ISO playback support.(Don’t supports menu navigation).
  2. Change from SD UI to HD UI.
  3. Support DTS HD Master Audio down-mixing and pass-through
  4. Dolby TrueHD down-mixing.
  5. Support MKV internal idx+sub subtitle
  6. Network virtual Remote Control.
  7. Hostname Change Support
    • Web setup->DDNS/Hostname
    • \hostname (to access Samba share), http://hostname:portnumber (to access web service).
  8. UI effect sound.(Setup->System->Effect Sound).
  9. Video playback window size decreased in internet menu.
  10. Press zoom button to toggle (Full Screen/Small Screen).
  11. Zoom and navigation support for Weather map .
  12. Home menu UI can support multiple languages.

Bug fixed :

  1. 24p cinema mode
  2. FLAC file playback including id3tag.
  3. Movie including FLAC audio codec playback support.
  4. Sometime crashes when displaying Folder JPG in preview window.
  5. Max 16 character input in keyboard changed to Max 128 character
  6. Direct numbers input from remote control to keyboard
  7. DEL/SP key problem fixed for Chinese keyboard
  8. After returning from NAS Mode, photo crash problem fixed
  9. Audio file play problem solved from UPnP client,
  10. Play/Pause both works for Internet Video playback
  11. Romanian code page changed
    A. ISO-8859-2 -> ISO-8859-16

Improvements :

  1. Improve HDMI compatibility.
  2. Audio volume normalize.(except AAC, WMA pro).
  3. Network playback streaming speed up.
  4. Change Music Jukebox UI.
  5. Change weather UI.
  6. Change video playback information window.
  7. Change wireless Network UI.
  8. Increase subtitle window size
  9. Changed loading image for internet menu.
  10. Changed keyboard UI for internet menu.
  11. Reduced changing time between wireless and wired network.
  12. Arabic characters shaping from separate character.
  13. Language added (Arabic, Estonia, Hungarian, Slovenia, Vietnam) in web interface.

Next version TODO list :

  1. Some HDMI TV, HDMI 1080P not smooth playback and flickering.
  2. External ODD compatibility.
  3. USB Pen driver compatibility.
  4. Improve UI in internet.
  5. Internet Radio.
  6. Photo thumbnail display.
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